Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look Mom, no hands!

What is going on!? This week, my "baby" learned how to ride his big-boy bike without training wheels! Crazy, huh!? This has been something that we've been trying to do now for about a month, on and off. Before school got out for the summer, Jackson would have me come outside with him to help him try to ride his bike, but then he would wobble and get scared and then not want to do it.

Well, this week we decided that we would try it again. So, he went to the garage with Dad, got his shoes and his bike and something just clicked. He had Drew help him a few times and before we knew it, we had a bike-riding fool on our hands! We pretty much couldn't get him off of his bike after that. So, I've hit another one of those "MAN, I'm getting old!" moments...I've no longer got training wheels at my house! All of my kids can ride two-wheel bikes. Kind of crazy, but fun. Now we can do bike rides that don't involve Drew or I dragging someone behind them in the trailer and adding 50 lbs. to our ride. Yahoo for that! : )

Blake is sooo excited to finally have his brother to ride bikes with!


  1. OK, that's pretty cute, I must say. You're right Chenel, you are getting old!! Which means we're getting even older.....that's what's really scary!!!

  2. Oh Dawn - you don't look a day over 50! : ) Just kidding! : )

  3. That's such a nice compliment.....for someone that's 60 :o)

  4. Is that really Jackson? Amazing. It would be great to see you. We don't have any trips lined up anytime soon to leave GH, so I imagine you don't have any plans to visit... so crazy that you were here last October right during the time I was gone. visit again! soon! glad to catch up via blogs though. :)