Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The big 0-5

I am officially the worst blogger in the world! Jackson's birthday was 2 months ago and I'm just now getting to it. But, better late than never.

So, in the middle of September, the 15th to be exact, Jackson turned 5. It's very strange to think that Jackson will go to Kindergarden next year! Crazy and fun all at the same time!

Jackson actaully got to celebrate his birthday a few times because we celebrated it with just our family on the 15th, Grandma Jennis took him another day for his birthday day with her and then we had another party at the park with my extended family that weekend. Lucky boy. He pretty much had a whole birthday week!

Jackson didn't want a cake this year...he wanted "dupdakes" (aka cupcakes ) like his brother had for his birthday. And, don't worry - we didn't eat them plain like the picture shows! We frosted them as they were eaten cause they were easier to transport to the park that way!

Jackson brings such a fun, loving Spirit into our home and it is truly a blessing to have him as a part of our family! We love you, Jackson! : )