Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Look Mom, no hands!

What is going on!? This week, my "baby" learned how to ride his big-boy bike without training wheels! Crazy, huh!? This has been something that we've been trying to do now for about a month, on and off. Before school got out for the summer, Jackson would have me come outside with him to help him try to ride his bike, but then he would wobble and get scared and then not want to do it.

Well, this week we decided that we would try it again. So, he went to the garage with Dad, got his shoes and his bike and something just clicked. He had Drew help him a few times and before we knew it, we had a bike-riding fool on our hands! We pretty much couldn't get him off of his bike after that. So, I've hit another one of those "MAN, I'm getting old!" moments...I've no longer got training wheels at my house! All of my kids can ride two-wheel bikes. Kind of crazy, but fun. Now we can do bike rides that don't involve Drew or I dragging someone behind them in the trailer and adding 50 lbs. to our ride. Yahoo for that! : )

Blake is sooo excited to finally have his brother to ride bikes with!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Relay for Life!

So, this last weekend was our annual Relay for Life "walk-a-thon" in Longmont. Relay for Life is a Nation-wide event that raises Cancer Awareness and helps raise money for the fight against Cancer. It is such an inspiring event and it really makes you realize how many people this terrible disease actually affects.

This year, our Relay team consisted of Nikki, Mallory, Kelsey, Heather, me and our TC was Nikki's sister, Cindi (TC stands for Teacm Captain - but Kelsey nicknamed her TC and it just stuck!) Cindi had some friends come to the event as part of the team, but all of them were party-poopers and none of them stayed overnight. We played, ate and walked. I would like to say that we slept, but can you really consider sleeping in a tent on and off for a couple of hours sleep!? It was sooooo much fun, though. Cindi was awesome for organizing our team again this year and it was good times had by all.

All of the people at the event in purple shirts are Cancer Survivors and they open the event by doing one lap around the park. It's a really cool sight and very inspiring.
Here's Nikki doing her survivor walk! You Go, Girl! Show Cancer who's boss!

Here's our team! (well, at least the "cool ones" who decided to stay the night!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

My new "Do"!

So, after a while of having my hair as long as it's been in years, I decided that it was time for a new hair style. I liked having my hair longer for a change, but I just needed something new. I consulted with my awesome and talented hairstylist (love you, Mal!) and she thought that it would be fun to do a cute long bob. Well, after we got started on the cut, she just couldn't resist cutting it all off and doing a fun short bob. I LOVE it and am soooo glad that we did it. And when I say "we", I really mean "she" because I just sat there and watched it all! : ) So, drumroll..................................TADA! Here's the new me:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blake's B-day!

Wow! It's been a MONTH since my last post! Where does the time go? Since summer has started, we've had house guests, so now that we've sent them on their way, (SADLY! :( I'll miss them, but we'll do more on that later) it's finally time to update my blog a bit.

So, Blake turned 7 on May 30th. Of course, the day started EARLY because he wanted to do presents right away, so he got up at the crack of dawn and we did presents. The popular gift this year was Bakugan stuff. (thanks to the two Grandmas for that! It's a good thing that they got them for him cause they're pricey little buggers!) And, if you don't know what Bakugan is, then you must not have boys!

Blake was really nice to let his brother and sister help him open his presents. He's nice that way...he just wanted to let everyone share in the fun! What kid does that?! : )

After we did presents and had puff pancakes, we met up with family and went bowling and then to lunch. I'm SO mad that I didn't get any pictures from bowling! I totally forgot to take my camera into the alley - apparently I'm not a die-hard blogger yet. But, all-in-all, it was a really fun day!

The next day was Sunday and we had a b-day celebration with all my family and did his "cake". Blake's very favorite cake is "Skor Cake", so I decided to do it in cupcake form so that it would be easier. Drew was in charge of taking the cake pictures and obviously isn't as skilled as I am at "capturing" things, cause he totally missed him blowing out the candles, but we've all seen a kid blowing out candles, so just picture it in your head, K?

Blake is such a light in our family. He is sensetive to others and is my tender-hearted one in the family. I hope that as he grows up he remembers to continue to love others and be kind to everyone. I consider myself extremely blessed to have Blake as a part of our family.
Happy Birthday, Blake! We love you!