Monday, June 22, 2009

Relay for Life!

So, this last weekend was our annual Relay for Life "walk-a-thon" in Longmont. Relay for Life is a Nation-wide event that raises Cancer Awareness and helps raise money for the fight against Cancer. It is such an inspiring event and it really makes you realize how many people this terrible disease actually affects.

This year, our Relay team consisted of Nikki, Mallory, Kelsey, Heather, me and our TC was Nikki's sister, Cindi (TC stands for Teacm Captain - but Kelsey nicknamed her TC and it just stuck!) Cindi had some friends come to the event as part of the team, but all of them were party-poopers and none of them stayed overnight. We played, ate and walked. I would like to say that we slept, but can you really consider sleeping in a tent on and off for a couple of hours sleep!? It was sooooo much fun, though. Cindi was awesome for organizing our team again this year and it was good times had by all.

All of the people at the event in purple shirts are Cancer Survivors and they open the event by doing one lap around the park. It's a really cool sight and very inspiring.
Here's Nikki doing her survivor walk! You Go, Girl! Show Cancer who's boss!

Here's our team! (well, at least the "cool ones" who decided to stay the night!)


  1. Relay rocks and so do you! You guys look great and I have no doubt that you had a good time!

  2. My girls have done that a couple times and loved it as well. Don's band played there for several years. Wish it was still at the Stadium High School bowl, that was way cool and a great event!

  3. Dawn, you should totally put a team together with all of the sisters and older guys would have a blast! And, who knows, maybe you could get some "veteran" relayers from Colorado to join you! : )

  4. What a great way to spend the weekend! (Go Nikki!)

  5. That would really be a kick! I wish it was still at Stadium though. It would be really fun to do a mom and their daughters team. Let's think about that.

  6. That was sure fun! I'm glad you made me do it-although, saturday afternoon I wasn't glad you made me do it cause I was a zombie-curses!