Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Utah or Bust!

At the end of April, our family had the chance to travel to Utah to finally meet our new nephew/cousin, Ethan and attend his baby blessing. He is sooo adorable (if I DO say so myself!) I was bummed when we got home and realized that we only took one picture of him. But, between all of the chaos on Saturday and the rush of Sunday with the blessing and a quick visit at Darren and Erin's house, we just didn't think about it. Man, some blogger I am! So, we promise to get more pictures the next time that we see him.

Here is the one picture that we did get - and, I'm sure that it's no surprise to any of you that it's with Kaylie, my mini-mommy! She LOVES babies and wants to hold them any chance she gets, so I'm glad that I snapped this one at least.

The other reason that we were excited to go to Utah was because it gave us a chance to visit Brandon and Cami and the boys. The kids were sooooooo excited to finally see their cousins again. In fact, for about 2 weeks before we even left, every night the boys would ask us if it was tomorrow that we were going to see their cousins! Needless to say, it was time to see them again. We have missed them so much and had a really fun time with them. But, with us clogging the toilet a few times and a few mishaps here and there, I hope that we're invited back! : ) Here's some pictures from our trip...

I wanted to get a better shot of the kids and then I realized that if I did that, then it wouldn't truly be the kids! So, this is them, goofy faces and all!

One of our (and the kids') favorite Missionaries from Colorado was Brandon (Elder) Morrell. We just love him and were so excited to hear that he's living in Utah right now. So, he came down and stayed with us for the weekend and we had a really fun time being able to visit with him and stuff. With both the Brandon's around, it did get a bit confusing, though!

I thought that this was so funny. You can't see it, but the Brandon's and Drew were sitting at the table doing stuff on their laptops and then Clay, Jackson and Spencer are sitting on the step playing the Ipod Touches! And I'm pretty sure that Blake and Koby were right behind me in the living room, playing the Wii. What did we ever do without modern technology? Boys and their toys!

One of the other things that we wanted to do while we were there was visit Temple Square. My kids have never really done that and so we didn't want to pass up the opportunity. I'm so glad that we decided to go because they soaked it up. It was neat to see all of the changes that they've made since we've been there. We probably spent a good 2 hours in the visitor's center because the kids wanted to stay and check everything out. If you haven't been lately or haven't been at all, take the opportunity to go next time you are in the area. We found it to be a big highlight of our trip!

This was one of my favorite pictures from our visit! As cheesy as it sounds, these are my "warriors"!