Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a nice surprise!

I know, I know! It's been forever since I've done my blog. Sorry, but life happens. But, since I'm really behind, that means that there will be several posts in a short time to catch me back up, so that will make up for the lost time, right!? : )

So, this first "catch-up" post is all the way back from my birthday (6-18) and my anniversary (6-25). Because they are both so close together, Drew decided to combine them and surprise me with a fun scavenger hunt and a couple of nights without kids! It was such a fun surprise! Mom showed up at the park where the kids and I were playing with a bunch of balloons and a camera! So, here is the scavenger hunt, thanks to mom and her photography skills.

There was a clue in the first balloon that told me to go somewhere where we always go to get snacks for a movie. (and thanks to mom and Mallory for putting each clue into a cute little rhyme! I had all of the clues somewhere, but I can't find them to tell you exactly what they said, but they were clever and cute.)

So, that clue led me to the dollar store! That's where we go to get candy to sneak into the movies!

When I bought the candy, the clerk gave me the next clue, which told me to go to the theater.

At the theater, there was a gift card waiting for me. The girl in the window was so cute. I went to leave with the envelope and clue and she stopped me and asked me if I would read it in front of her! She was pretty impressed with Drew and thought it was very romantic. The next clue led me to the Safeway floral counter.

At Safeway, there were some daisies waiting for me (my favorite!) and another clue that told me to go to my favorite restaurant for lunch. Well, that's an easy one!

OLIVE GARDEN!!! Love it! And, who was there waiting for me?

What an awesome husband I have!
I love him so much for his thoughtfulness. We had a fun couple of days (and nights...wink, wink!) while mom kept the kids at her house. Thaks everyone for helping Drew pull this one off! He's got big shoes to fill next year...I think that the only thing that could beat this year is a trip somewhere next year! : )


  1. Hooray for a post! Don't go away again! Good job, Drew. That is a problem when you do something so great though, you have to keep up every year!
    Keep them coming...
    See you soon, we can't wait!

  2. Your hubby ROCKS! I love this. Of course, now I'm irritated that my hubby doesn't do fun stuff like this for me. Oh least somebody's hubby does! Way to go Drew!

  3. Drew has set the bar high! What an awesome guy you have!

  4. It sounds like you had a great anniversary. He is very creative.